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The Fellowship of Christian Athletes engages coaches and athletes to grow in their faith and sport.

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Mickey Harper, Chapel Hill High School

I would like to tell you a bit about what FCA and the CHHS huddle has meant to me this year.  At a time in my life when I felt overwhelmed and heavily burdened, this year's CHHS huddle helped me put things into perspective and follow our Lord.  As a 20 year coach and teacher, a father, husband, etc., at times I would feel sorry for myself or feel I deserved a break on life itself.  At these times, I watched how a family lost a child and how they responded, I saw teenagers step up out of a comfort zone to reach out and witness as well as faculty members pick up my slack as my time was limited.  Every time there was a need, God followed with an answer.  FCA has enriched my life as I have helped sponsor these huddles for two decades.  People continue to say that God has been taken out of our schools, please don't insult my kids like that, only Christians can allow God to be taken out of public places and the students and teachers at CHHS are not letting that happen.  God Bless FCA and thanks so much for your support.

Mickey Harper, Chapel Hill High School / Head Softball Coach / Mathematics Teacher / FCA Sponsor

Coach Ben Higginbotham (Alexander High School)

July 13, 2015

Several months back Dutch Nelson informed me and my wife Stacy that he was sending us to the FCA St Simons Coaches Camp. Having been to an FCA Marriage Conference several years before, we were looking forward to the experience. In addition to my wife and I attending, my son was able to attend the FCA Youth Leadership Camp that was going on at the same time. What a blessing.
As my wife and I spent time corporately worshipping and small group huddling with the other coaches and their wives, God spoke to me and profoundly influenced the way I look at things. This relationship with God is not an add-on to my life. It is not something that I add on to my coaching and teaching jobs. It is not something I add on to my marriage. It is not something I add on after I have made plans to do whatever I head toward. This salvation good news Gospel is the driving force that ENABLES and EMPOWERS me to live my life to the fullest. It allows me to live life unlimited, unencumbered by previous walls and doubts and fears. Jesus and his love allows me to fulfill the desires of my heart in ways that glorify my Creator. But it doesn't work as an add-on. It works as the source. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. Not me and my life but Him and His. Jesus is not something that is added on. In fact, He is the vine and my life is but a branch. If anything, I am the add-on.
My wife and I are deeply appreciative of FCA and all you guys do. Our trip was the some of the most solid quality time I have ever spent with my wife. Oh yeah, and did I mention.....MY SON BRYSON GOT SAVED WHILE HE WAS THERE! How awesome is that!?
Stacy, myself and Bryson again thank you from the depths' of our hearts. Keep us in prayer, particularly Bryson as his walk with God will now kick start the enemy. But we know we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. God Bless.

Alexander High School
Ben Higginbotham

Brandon Bone (West Georgia Technical College - Baseball Player)

“I am a current college student and a former FCA Huddle Leader at Alexander High School in Douglasville, Georgia. I have always grown up as a Christian, however I was unable to truly express my beliefs to my peers. I was a good kid, stayed out of trouble, and was well mannered, but I felt as though that wasn't enough. When some leaders at my high school came to me with their thoughts about starting an FCA Student Huddle in the school, I was extremely excited. I believe at that time God sent me the necessary tools grow as a Christian. Now with the FCA huddle I am able to be more than a "good kid”, now I can be seen as a Christian leader, and therefore make a difference. In only it's second year, the FCA Huddle at Alexander is one of the largest Huddle’s in the country, averaging nearly 300 students every Friday morning. I thank God everyday for sending me those leaders that introduced me to FCA, and that I now have the opportunity to share my beliefs with more people than I could have ever imagined!”

Brandon Bone (West Georgia Technical College - Baseball Player)

Coach Mark Ashley - Sting Fastpitch

"The DC Sting organization uses our relationship with the FCA and belief in the Lord Jesus Christ to reach and mentor our young athletes.  It allows us a format for coaches, players, and parents to express their beliefs while at the same time providing guidance and leadership skills our athletes can apply on and off the field”!

Coach Mark Ashley - Sting Fastpitch

Kelby Watts - (Alexander High School – Football Coach)

Psalm 37:5 Commit your way to the Lord; trust in him and he will do this: He will make your righteous reward shine like the dawn, your vindication like the noonday sun. This is what is happening at AHS!

Kelby Watts - (Alexander High School – Football Coach

Uneeke Williams - Student and FCA Leader at Douglas County High School

"FCA to me means family and growth.  It is a family made up of students, teachers, staff, and athletes. I attend FCA for one reason: To better my walk with God by learning from my other brothers and sisters in Christ. Since I have been in FCA my life has changed tremendously. I have met many great people and I have experienced many great things. My faith in Christ has grown so much stronger since I have been apart of FCA. I have been blessed to have so many great influences in my life and I thank God for every last one of those amazing influences."

Uneeke Williams - Student and FCA Leader at Douglas County High School

Moe Bruner (Lithia Springs High School - Teacher)

Steve & Dutch are tremendous leaders for FCA.  Their burden for Coaches & Students are seen on a regular basis. The weekly Bible Study is a highlight  for us to gather and open up God's Word. During our times together when facing difficulties are important to have your "Family" along side of you, The Coaches Huddle at LSHS were there throughout the entire time.  God uses those who are willing to be used to Bless others.  The Lord's Strength & our Coaches Huddle at LSHS was a major factor in my recovery from a stroke in March 2015.  Steve Camp is a dear brother whose calls, visits were very important in my recovery.

Thank-you Steve, Dutch & FCA...


Lithia Springs High School

Moe & Linda Bruner Rev. 3:8 "...I place before you an open door..."